Property Sale

Ambrozi real estate agency provides professional assistance to property owners in the sale of real estate.

Today, there are many buyers on the real estate market who every day turn to our office with a request to find a suitable object for them. This means that we can immediately offer your property to a wide audience from which a buyer is found.

Advantages of working with us:

  • We save your precious time;
  • We take professional photos of real estate;
  • Making a beautiful real estate video;
  • We advertise real estate on well-known portals;
  • We advertise real estate in social networks;
  • We promptly resolve emerging situations;
  • We show real estate;
  • We are negotiating with the buyer;
  • We organize the transaction at the notary.

When working with dear clients, the real estate agency concludes an exclusive mediation agreement that protects the interests of the client. By concluding an exclusive contract, you will get the opportunity to sell real estate in the most profitable and safe way for you. ALL 100% of objects with a contract are sold.

Cost of services: depends on the value of the property, usually from 1.5% to 5% of the purchase price. Also, the cost of services depends on the volume of work of the bureau, advertising costs, transportation costs, etc.

We add our commission to your desired sale price of the property. That is, the real estate buyer pays for our services, not the seller.

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