Country plot near Toila! Toila vald, Martsa küla, Martsaranna AÜ 47

Country plot near Toila! Toila vald, Martsa küla, Martsaranna AÜ 47

Make the most of summer!


The cadastral number of the plot is 80201:008:0220 On this land plot with an area of 899 m2 there are:
Projected garden house, Greenhouse and outbuilding, Garbage bin. Water column (art.
well).Sewage collection well
Heating of the garden house stove. The garden house is supplied with water from a drinking water column. Wastewater is discharged into a collection well.
Access to the house is carried out by a road 3 m wide. The road surface is asphalt concrete or gravel.
Fruit trees are located on the free from building area of the site. revya, berry bushes, flower beds.
Architectural and construction part with an area of 80 m2:
I. Foundations - rubble concrete, thick. 35 cm, waterproofing from two layers of roofing felt on bituminous mastic.
2. Walls and partitions.
4. Floors - from Narva foam concrete blocks, followed by floor u8v0 20 with best-cement mortar,
3. Coatings and cross- - on wooden beams set. 10 × I5 cm in increments
80 cm, followed by nailing the lining. of dew-laden pain. netom 80 swm-
ny beams set. in the garage concrete made of concrete М-Г00
5. Roof - slate on wooden rafters sec. 7 x I5 cm with a step of 80 cm on a continuous crate made of n / arr. boards
Iu. Finishing work
Sheathe cornices, pediments of a garden house with clapboard.
Exterior walls shall be plastered and painted with VN/30 paint. Paint all wooden surfaces and joinery with oil paint for 2 times. Cover the inner walls of the house and bath with clapboard and cover

Sanitary requirements
Heating of the house is stove, water supply from a bored well for drinking water, wastewater discharge into a collection well. The prefabricated well must be made in accordance with the specifications. Garbage bin and prefab drawings
wells are attached to the project. jI. Fire requirements
Cover all wooden structures of the roof and floor from the inside with lime milk. From the corridor room on the second floor to the attic there should be a 60 x 70 cm locker with a ladder.
The chimney, kitchen hearth and fireplace are made of I00 red brick. The lining of the kitchen hearth and fireplace should be made of refractory bricks. All heating appliances must be separated from wooden structures by a brick cut at least 38 cm wide.
The cutting of the pipe at the level of the ceiling should be made of bricks. 13 cm with asbestos gasket. At the furnace openings of heating appliances, nail underfire sheets measuring 40 × 50 cm.
Sheathe the door between the corridor and the garage with sheet metal from the side of the garage.


Access roads are in good condition. The sea is within walking distance.

The house is used in summer. If desired, the building can be used in winter.


There is a project for the house, a protocol of borders.

Country plot near Toila! Toila vald, Martsa küla, Martsaranna AÜ 47
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Karina Tarasova
Karina Tarasova
+372 56 962 103

Property number (ID): 1276
City: Ida-Viru maakond, Toila vald,, Ida-Virumaa
Address: Ida-Viru maakond, Toila vald, Martsa küla, Martsaranna AÜ 47
Number of rooms: 3
Area: 899 m2
Number of floors: 2
Material: Block
Condition: Without repair
Heating: Furnace heating
Stove: Furnace heating
Apartment Associations: Yes
Furniture remains: Yes
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