Seaside plots in a beautiful natural location. Lüganuse municipality, Jabara village

Seaside plots in a beautiful natural location.  Lüganuse municipality, Jabara village

Seaside plots in an incredibly beautiful location.

Plots for sale by the Gulf of Finland, Lüganus municipality, Jabara village. Offer 9 plots.


The road to the properties runs through the forest and yellow rapeseed fields. Here and there you can meet naughty rabbits, graceful goats or cunning foxes. Birds are singing all around. The properties are located on the beautiful northern coast among pine forests, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The immediate neighbors are nature, animals and birds. Property owners can enjoy peace, quiet and the sound of the sea and have a good rest and recharge their "batteries".

The nearest shop, school, kindergarten and polyclinic are in Kiviõli, 15 km away. There is also a train station in Kiviõli, from where Elron's "carrots" travel to both Tallinn and Narva 5 times a day. The Kiviõli Adventure Center is also located there, where you can find activities for both adults and children. The Kiviõli ski center has the longest slopes in the Baltics. For motorcycle fans, there is an awesome motocross track in Kiviõli. Every year, the Kiviõli Motocross, known throughout Estonia, takes place in Kiviõli.

Such nice places as Liimala and Purtse are a 15-minute drive away. In Liimala, the well-known Tulivee party and recreation center is located in Ida-Virumaa, where modern architecture, beautiful nature, a sandy beach and the history of the illegal spirit trade meet. Also nearby is the Purtse marina. Purtse is a fortress with a fascinating history, which offers discovery to both history buffs and those who are simply curious. Von Taube restaurant is located on the first floor of Purtse fortress.


The properties are located on a sandstone escarpment 30 meters above sea level. Access to the sea and sandy beach is from a private road next to the plots. The distance from the sea is only 250 m.

The price of the plot includes the road to the border of the property and electricity and water connection.

It is allowed to design one residential building on each plot with the following requirements:

– detached house;
– the largest area under the building: up to 200 m2;
– maximum height of the residential building from the ground up to 8 m;
– up to 2 floors;
– on a shallow foundation.


Property Area m² Price Link to the map server of the Land Board
Pihlaõie 3008 m² 36 000 € Link
Pihlanurme 3035 m² 36 500 € Link
Pihlakalehe 3008 m² 36 200 € Link
Pihlapuu 3070 m² 36 940 € Link
Pihlasalu 3061 m² 37 900 € Link
Pihlametsa 3310 m² 39 800 € Link
Pihlaserva 3784 m² sold Link
Pihlakalda 4015 m² 60 200 € Link
Pihlaoru 4380 m² 65 700 € Link
Pihlaoja 4380 m² 65 700 € Link

We offer the opportunity to buy a plot by the sea with a new house. Contact us to get more information.

Sample offers:

Summer house 55 m2 and Pihlaõie 3008 m2 property - price €59,000

Spring-autumn house 81 m2 and Pihlaõie 3008 m2 property - price €69,000

House intended for year-round living and Pihlaõie 3008 m2 property - price €92,000

NB! The price includes the transport and installation of the house on the Pihlaõie property.
The property is sold with electricity and water connection at the border of the property.
The price of the house includes VAT 20%.

Seaside plots in a beautiful natural location.  Lüganuse municipality, Jabara village
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Olga Hodakovskaja
Olga Hodakovskaja
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Anatoli Ambrozi
Anatoli Ambrozi
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Property number (ID): 1287
City: Jabara, Ida-Virumaa
Address: Lüganuse vald, Jabara küla
Apartment Associations: No
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